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Melt your twisted joy - Soy dessert candle

Melt your twisted joy - Soy dessert candle

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Hot and buttery apple tart soy dessert candle fresh out of the oven. You can smell the butter, cinnamon and rich frosting on our Apple Tart unique minimalist winter candle dessert. The rich, warm and sweet fragrance of cinnamon makes it one of the most evocative spices in the world. Our luxury, whipped cream, home decor candle dessert serves as a perfect decoration in every household or as a unique gift for mom, luxury gift for girlfriend or it perfectly stands for many special holidays for example birthday candle gift, christmas candle gift etc.

We payed big attention in the making process to work with 100% natural, vegan ingredients. Our candles are made with toxin- and GMO free, natural soy wax and our fragrance oils doesn't contain synthetic perfumes and are cruelty-free. As a candle maker one of the most important thing for me is to work around clean conditions.

Order one and find out why our candles are Hot Like You! ;-)

What is our candle good for?
It helps to fall asleep faster, reduce stress and boost your mood. (to be honest, who doesn't need these....) ;-)

Wax weight: 170 g / 5.9 oz
Width: 7.5 cm / 2.9 inch
Height: 6.5 cm / 2.5 inch

Before using please remove the flammable decorations!
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